Thursday, December 27, 2007

baby's first Christmas!

Well, it was a wonderful and busy first Christmas for little Ramona Pearl. We had my parents' annual Christmas Eve Open House, which I always enjoy. However, it was a little overwhelming with the baby....since she was a very popular item to be ogled. She dealt with it well....mainly by taking multiple naps throughout the party. Sometimes I wanted to join her, because facing the visitors without the baby got me many disappointed comments, such as "Oh, shes sleeping?", or "Where is the baby?".

Ramona seemed more at ease on Christmas, when there were less people surrounding her at all times. She smiled lots for the family, and everyone got some quality time in. She really raked it in as far as presents go, plenty of books and clothes. Today she is wearing the dress she got from her Grandma Fenton, I'll have to get a picture of it, its beautiful and colorful.

Holiday highlights:
1. Wrapping presents with Ramona on Christmas Eve, while Justin went on a walk with Max. We listened to Christmas songs, and Ramona loved watching me tie up with presents with colorful and shiny ribbons.

2. The day after Christmas Ramona rolled over! She was napping on her back (of course!), and Justin heard her crying.....he went up there, and she was on her stomach! Of course, I was at the store, so I missed this milestone. I'll have to be around for her next milestone.

3. On Christmas night, Ramona seemed tired, so we were getting her ready for bed. Then, suddenly.....she was smiling and laughing at her great-grandparents. They were thrilled, and it was a sweet moment at the end of our Christmas tour.

4. We gave Shutterfly photo books of Ramona's first four months to all of the great-grandparents. They were a big hit, and I can tell that everyone that enters their homes will be shown this book.

5. On Christmas, my mom, my brother, Ramona and I went over to Aunt Judy's for the Hoyt Christmas party. My second cousins, Jason(11) and Riley(8?) were there, and they helped keep Ramona busy. It was fun to see the kids helping to take care of the baby. There aren't too many children in our family, so they seemed happy to play with her.

6. Christmas Eve night, Justin and I exchanged gifts. We normally do this on Christmas morning, but the next morning was just too busy. It was a really nice night, we both got each other very thoughtful gifts......and Christmas had a brand new meaning to us this year. We had fun imagining future Christmases when Ramona is old enough to get excited.