Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ponytail Pals

Yay, the sun has continued to come out! This last weekend Ramona helped us by doing yard work.....she is such a helper. As you can see in the first picture, I was working hard as well. She loved jumping in the flower petals, and generally looking like a toddler superstar.

She has also put up with wearing ponytails lately, so that her hair is not always in her eyes. As you can see, Maddie and Ramona were both rocking the top of the head pony. Always a good look.

We also spent quite a bit of time with Dana this weekend. Ramona LOVES Dana. Every time her name is mentioned Ramona gets really excited. On Friday we went to the Asian Art Museum to see "Garden and Cosmos", paintings from India from the 17th to 19th centuries. It was pretty amazing, but our time there was pretty short lived, as you can imagine it would be when taking a 20 month old who hasn't taken a nap yet. However, we had a ton of fun playing on the camels outside (Ramona still shows me how to sit on the camels), and running around in the sun on the grass in Volunteer Park. Then, on Sunday, Brian and Dana came over for breakfast.......this was quite a treat. We rarely saw Brian during basketball season (he coaches), so its nice to see his face around the Fenton Household again.

We also recently received a croquet set from Ben and Kim, and played a round in our nice, if not a little bumpy backyard. Courtney just came back from Europe, and she brought me back some euro candy that has helped with cravings quite a bit. We saw Jenny and Tom at Myla's first birthday, which had lots of yummy and tiny food. Shannon and Robb took us out to dinner at Stumbling Goat for our traditional congratulations for reproducing dinner. Busy times!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is here!

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately! The sun has been out sporadically, and we've really been enjoying it. Our new backyard is a real treat for the dog, and also for us humans.

On another note, I'd like to announce that I'm pregnant to those of you who don't know yet. I'm due October 29th, and the whole family is very excited (or at least Ramona thinks she is excited!). I'll keep everyone updated on how my pregnancy is coming along. Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More cute pictures

1. Ramona's favorite ABC page in an old nursery rhyme book. Her favorite letter is z.
2. Ramona doing the puzzle on her stool. Thanks Rosoffs!
3. Ramona with a ponytail at Tutu and Bob's house.
4. Ramona with her tutu on, playing outside. Thanks Annie and Dana!

random cute pictures

1. Brushing her teeth in a tutu and her bathrobe in her playroom. Good times.
2. Feeding her bear string cheese in the kitchen.
3. Wearing knitted gear from Grandma Horn.
4. Gymnastics. That kid likes herself!
5. Blowing bubbles in the backyard with Grandma Fenton.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ten of our favorite NYC/NJ memories:

1. Hanging out in the kitchen with Mat, Kris and Bernadette (and Cajun, of course!)
2. Hanging out in the park in Greenwich village. Ramona was a big fan of the slides in NYC.
3. Eating at Cafe Habana. Thanks for the suggestion Dana, the corn was fantastic.
4. Meeting up with Britton for lunch at Riverside Park. Nice work on the black and white cookie!
5. Eating at Belmont tavern. Thanks to Kristen's dad for the suggestion on where we could find real Jersey Italian food. That was real. http://www.zagat.com/Verticals/PropertyDetails.aspx?VID=8&R=42532
6. Watching "Planet Earth" on Mat and Kris' gigantic tv. Fantastic.
7. Seeing Katie again, and hearing about her interesting job.
8. Just walking around NYC for hours, while Ramona slept.
9. Coal oven pizza. Yum. Oh, and bagels, Kris' Fra Diavelo, Mat's stew, Tick Tock diner breakfast, pastries from Tick Tock diner, etc.......We may have gained some weight on this trip!
10. Surviving a trip with a toddler. We may be exhausted, but we survived.

Oh, and Justin wants to add that riding Mat's Solex was a highlight for him as well. Now he won't stop talking about getting one again. Damn you Mat.