Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tank top toughness

This last weekend was really fun. We got to put some summer clothes on Ramona for the first time since Hawaii. Its so nice not to have to bundle up Ramona before walking a block to the store. It really made me look forward to the summer, and all of the outdoor activities we have to look forward to.

We went to Discovery Park on Saturday, and quickly "discovered" that Ramona hates the hiking backpack. However, Justin and I have dreams of hiking with her in that thing, so we will persist. We had to take turns carrying her in our arms on the little hike, which made it a little bit more strenuous. However it was still a beautiful day to be at the park, and we had a nice picnic at a viewpoint, which we all enjoyed.

We've had a few friends welcome new babies this week. Our friends Justin and Kelly had little baby Chloe Anne about a week ago, and Jenny and Tom had Myla Estella on Thursday. We got the chance to meet both babies, and they are both beautiful! We even got to meet Myla a few hours after she was born.....thats what you get when you live only blocks away from the hospital!

Ok, Ramona needs a nap........

Monday, April 21, 2008

hot and bothered

Ouch! Ramona is recovering from ear infections in both ears. Before she went on antibiotics, she was miserable. High fever, sleeping all day.....it was no fun for momma or baby. Now she is back to her regular self, sitting up and playing, repeating dada over and over again. This weekend we tried to get out and about, even though the weather was terrible. On Saturday we did the Greenwood garage sale day, even though it was snowing. We did find some good things for Ramona though. We found three pairs of fashionable baby shoes, some books, and some new toys. I also got some yarn that I am using to make a baby tank top.

Yesterday we tried to go to the market, but were once again faced with some snow. So, we ended up eating pho for the third time this week. Turns out, Ramona hearts tofu. She ate tofu twice this weekend, and seems to love it. In the afternoon when the sun came out, we went on a walk with the Howells. That night we went over to my parents house for my grandma's birthday. Ramona was quite the hit, and she scarfed some plain rice down.......yum yum.

Ok, Ramona is up, and trying to "help" me write.....so I gotta go!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sunny babies

Well, we had a great sunny day on Saturday. I went to Queen Mary's for a tea for Jenny who is expecting any day now, while Justin and "the guys" hung out with the babies and Jenny and Tom's house. "The guys" included Tom (and Ainsley), Jason (and Liam), and Chris (and Shirley with Dominic). Chris and Shirley were visiting from Northern California where they currently live. However, they are moving soon to Southern Washington, so we will get to hang out with them more often coming up. We have a picture of Dominic with Ramona, but it isn't from my camera, and it didn't seem to want to post on this website, but here is a link to our Flickr account where we have posted the picture: http://flickr.com/photos/fenthorn/

After tea, I went back to Jenny and Tom's, and we hung out outside in the sun and had a relaxing afternoon. Jenny if officially on bed rest, so it was nice to relax with her. After that, we went on a "Ballard walk", which is our all-time favorite thing to do. We invited some of our friends over for a BBQ that night.......it made me really wish for summer, I heart BBQs! The picture above is of Sabrina and I feeding the babies outside, it was really relaxing (except for the fact that feeding Madeline without a seatbelt seems to be next to impossible.) After the BBQ, most of us went together to the Artwalk, where we kept Ramona out until 9:30! She enjoyed the artwalk, until she fell asleep around 9......it was a big day for her!

Since that day, life has been slightly more gloomy. Ramona's cold has gotten a little worse, and she had a temperature last night. She is SUPER grumpy, which is kind of hard for me, since I dealt with Justin's grumpiness when he was sick. Now, I just wish someone would take care of me! Also, the weather is less than perfect, we are just waiting (as is everyone in Seattle) for the weather to get better. Looking forward to swimming, hiking, more BBQs, and more baby dresses!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, I think my two little sick ones are on the mend. Ramona just has a mighty cough, and when I took her into the doctors office for drop-in time, the doctor practically laughed me out of the office. Apparently she took me as one of those moms who freaks out about everything.....hopefully thats not what I'm becoming.

I worked a few days this week, so Ramona spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Horn, and I think she tired them out. Yesterday, she also got to hang out with Grandma Fenton, because she came down for the day. We went to the park together, and Ramona went on the swings, went down a mini-slide, and went on the teeter totter with Sabrina and Maddie on the other side.

Last weekend my high school friend Alexis, along with her 7 month old Eli, came to visit. They currently live in Michigan, so we hadn't met Eli yet, it was fun to see the two of them together. Eli is only two weeks younger than Ramona, and he is just as big (maybe even bigger). Unfortunately, Eli was still getting over a sickness, so playtime was short......but it was very good to meet him. We will be seeing them again this summer for Dana's wedding.

Looking forward to the weekend, I'm going to a shower for Jenny for her second little one. We are also going to be seeing Chris and Shirley and baby, Dominic. He was born in October, and was Ramona's valentine.....so it will be great to meet him. All these babies!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

California Girls

This last weekend my friend Kristin came up from Southern California to play with Ramona. It was really fun. I got to go out "babyless" one night, and we went to Quinn's in Capitol Hill. I can't remember the last time that I went to Capitol Hill, which is a sure sign of my age, and my unhipness. Our friend Jen came out with us, she went to college with us in California and now lives in Redmond temporarily. My friend Sabrina also came out with us, and left her baby at home, so it was a real night out.

Anyways, since this is a blog about Ramona, I guess I'll get back to that. She LOVED Kristin, and had a great time playing with her. Even though Ramona is definitely teething, and is moody, she charmed Kristin immediately. She showed Kristin the strange noises she knows how to make (grunting, sucking in air, making sounds like she is choking, and making sounds like she has been possessed), and I believe Kristin found that charming.

We showed Kristin Fremont, and we went to lunch at the Baguette Box......which is about the least kid friendly restaurant in town. However, Ramona did great, and simply begged for us to share our food. She seems eager to eat foods like: Steak (who wouldn't), pho, Indian food, and pretty much anything else that people are eating around her. She is also SUPER excited for the day that she can drink coffee.......I think that they get to have their first latte at 18 months, right? One of her favorite foods that she can actually eat is asparagus. I'm not sure she even likes the flavor, but she just likes that she can hold her own food, and bring it to her own mouth. Its pretty comical to watch, but she eventually eats some of it.

Today Justin is sick, so it was my first taste of what it would be like to have two kids. I'm definitely not ready for a second kid! Hopefully Ramona and I won't catch his sickness, he has a nasty flu. So far she hasn't shown any signs of sickness, so I can only hope.