Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloweenies 2008

I just had to post this picture of our PEPS group in their Halloween costumes from this year, compared to them last year. Its crazy how much bigger they've gotten. I mean, you can't even see little Anna in the first picture, and now she is busting out of her costume (granted, its the same costume). Sofia is a ladybug, Grayson is a doctor, Anna is a cat who took off her ears, Anna is a pumpkin, and then there is Ramona who is obviously a Guantanamo Bay escapee (yes, we forgot her costume).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walking, walking, walking

Ramona is walking! Actually she started walking a few days ago, but I somehow forgot to mention it. I'm excited that the knees of her pants will stop being so dirty. Here is a description of the pictures above:

1. Beatrice and Myla, the newest babies in my group of friends. Beatrice is Shannon and Robb's baby and she is 3 months old. Myla is Jenny and Tom's second baby and she is 6 months old. I babysat them both yesterday, and they are the most mellow, happy babies I've ever met (except for Ramona, maybe).

2. Ramona wearing a beach hat. This is from our trip to the beach house last weekend with Shannon, Robb, Beatrice and the dogs. We had a great weekend, filled with babies and dogs......but we were able to fit in a game or two of Hearts for the adults too.

3. This is the whole crew that I babysat in my tiny little house yesterday. I can't take all the credit though, because Sabrina and Kim were there to help. We called it the Fenton Family Daycare. We have a very long wait list. Luckily, all those kids are pretty easy, so it was actually pretty quiet here.

4. Here is Justin and Ramona at the cabin. Ramona is wearing one of our favorite sweaters that my mom made. It has fit her for a year, and she still has room to grow! We had a great time out there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Co-op pictures

Here are some pictures from Ramona at Co-op. She has a really good time there, and I wanted to share with others what she does while shes there. Climbing up and down the stairs is her favorite activity......but yesterday she did a project involving glue, which was exciting. She didn't eat the glue, which I was sure she was going to do. Yay Ramona!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our little bossy peanut

We tried on Ramona's costume the other day, just for kicks.....and it was pretty hilarious. At first she was pretty irritated, but after awhile she seemed to forget that she had a big foam peanut costume on. I'm really looking forward to Halloween.

We had a fun weekend, we got to go to Beatrice's baptism. She looked so beautiful in the baptism dress, Robb and Robb's mom had worn it before she had, so it was a very important dress. After the baptism we went to Tilth for brunch, which was frickin' awesome. I had sous vide eggs and was so good. Then we went to a John Burbank BBQ, where Ramona almost stole the spotlight from John. She had a lot of fun entertaining the masses. Then we had dinner at our house with Kim, Ben, Court, and Charlie. This is when Ramona wore the peanut costume, which pleased our dinner guests.

On Sunday we went up to Bellingham to visit Mary Lee and Grandma Fenton. We went up a little early and visited a park that Justin went to a lot when he was growing up. It was called Hoevander park, and it used to be a farm. There were peacocks, turkeys, chickens, and other small animals. Then we went to lunch at the Bagelry.....yum. Mary Lee and Mary Pearl were doing good, Mary Pearl painted a pumpkin for Ramona. We forgot the camera, which was too bad......but we'll get pictures next time.

Last night I watched Ramona and Grayson, while the dads went to the Co-op meeting. They play really well together, and were so cute. Here is a picture of Ramona "feeding" Grayson his water. Grayson looks like an unwilling participant.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with the Mapps. We've decided this is going to be an annual tradition. Both years we've gone it has been wonderful, sunny fall weather. Here is a picture of us last year.....Ramona was so little. I remember being worried that she was getting too much sun.

This year Beatrice, Robb and Shannon's baby was about the age that Ramona was last year. It was cute to see her out with the pumpkins. Ramona wasn't so sure about the pumpkins this year. She kept calling them balls, and wouldn't really smile at all for the pictures. Also, I put her hair in pigtails in the morning, but of course she kept pulling them out. That would have been fine, except for the pigtails were put in when her hair was it left her hair straight.....and in mean mullet form. The pictures of the back of her head are pretty brutal.

We rode on a wagon back from the patch, and Ramona loved looking out the side. We saw horses, and those made her pretty happy. It was really fun to go to the pumpkin patch this year....since she actually knows whats going on around her. Her skepticism of the pumpkins didn't make it THAT fun for her, but I'm sure she will trust the pumpkins next year.

I also got some pictures of Ramona loving the bath. It is so fun to have her enjoying water now. She crawls up to the bath and tries to climb in it on her own now. She had two baths we could wash that mullet out of her hair.

Here is also pictures of Ramona and Maddie at Kim and Ben's housewarming party. We had a fun-filled weekend, and we are all pretty bummed to have it come to an end.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ramona has been showing off her attitude lately, which is a relief.....because now I know she is related to me. She has been taking a lot of joy in doing things she isn't supposed to do. Her favorites are crawling up the stairs, playing with the tv, biting, taking off her shoes, and the list goes on. She'll do something, then look at me and laugh with a very mischievous look on her face. Its funny sometimes, and other times.....not so funny.

This picture is of Ramona while she brushes her teeth....she is a huge fan of the toothbrush. Of course I only get about 2 seconds of brushing her teeth before she grabs it out of my hands and wants to do it herself. She is really becoming independent.

We got Ramona some plastic food toys over the weekend at a garage sale, and she loves them. She pretends to eat the food, and drink out of the teacups. Its fun to watch her pretend to be an adult. She loves to pretend to use my phone and call people. If any of you get a random phone call from me, with a baby babbling on the other end.....its Ramona. She just loves to chat.

Bathtime is going really great lately. She loves to play in the water now, its like a complete 180 on her opinion on water. She now crawls over to the bath and cries, because she wants me to give her a bath. She also always has raisin fingers because she likes to stay and play in the bath for so long, and she always cries when I take her out.

We had Co-op today, and Ramona has been having a great time there. Today she painted, colored with crayons, climbed up stairs and chairs (her favorite activity), played in the sand table, and sang some songs. She loves playing, but music time is a little hard for her because she is always exhausted by that time. She usually spends most of the time crying, waving bye bye, and trying to crawl for the door.

We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so I'll have pictures from there soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ten things that Ramona does that are funny

1. Loves eating raw peppers

2. Likes to smirk.

3. Gives air kisses.

4. Screams, just for the fun of it.

5. Spends most of her day climbing in and out of chairs, and going up and down stairs.

6. Frantically begs for my coffee everyday, she is a real Seattle girl.

7. Stares at her hands if she gets them dirty. Won't stop staring until you clean them.

8. Sticks her finger up her nose.....hasn't really figured out how to dig.

9. Loves to chase Max (he does NOT love it)

10. Instead of talking, Ramona keeps her mouth closed, and uses tones to communicate. "Mmm, mmm" for thank you, "Mmmumm" for hello, etc. You can usually understand what she is saying, and she seems to feel very smug about her own little language.

She makes us laugh all the time, and she is a very cheery little one. Looking forward to more and more funny moments.