Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making the most of it

Saturday morning Justin helped one of our PEPS friends move into their new house, along with some other PEPSters. While Justin sweated and grunted, me and Esther (Sofia's mom) hung out with the babies (Sofia, Ramona, and Grayson). It was fun to see them "play" together, hopefully they end up being friends when they can actually choose their own friends. Now they just have to play with the babies whose parents we like. After that Justin and I had lunch at Jenny and Brian's house (Grayson's parents), and ate food from the Lunchbox Laboratory......which was both tasty and a little too filling. It was fun to eat in the sun and relax though. Summer feels like it is actually here (finally).

That night Mary Lee came over and babysat for Ramona and Justin and I went to Dave Hammer's wedding. It was at the Shilshole Beach it wasn't too much of a drive. It was a great night, with great weather.....and free food!

This morning we went on Ramona's first hike. We chose a short 3 mile hike....since we didn't know if Ramona was into hiking. It turned out she was, because she wouldn't take a nap, she didn't want to miss the fun.....though she seemed to be in good spirits. Max was the happiest in the bunch, he loves hikes more than the average bear. We went with Sabrina, Eric and Maddie, and Courtney. I think there are some good "in front of waterfalls" photos, so I'll post those soon.

Of course, after the hike we had to go to the farmer's market........we can't ever miss that! Now we are getting ready to go eat wings at my dad's house. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. yummmmm.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

baby parade

This weekend was so great......we really enjoyed the sun! This picture is from our picnic at the Olympic Sculpture Park that we went to with Courtney. It was so nice. We walked through the park, and settled on a spot right near the water. John in the morning (KEXP), and his family apparently had the same idea.....because they were hanging out right next to us.

That afternoon we went to the Norwegian Constitution Parade in the boiling hot weather. It was Ramona's first parade. She wasn't all that into it, but she did like the marching bands because she got to wiggle and shake her head to the beat. Everyone looked so hot in their Norwegian wear (and I don't mean attractive/hot, I mean boiling hot!)

We went to Bellingham the next day to visit Mary Pearl, Ramona's great grandma. Ramona was in high spirits and entertained the masses. It worked out well, since she slept the whole way there, and slept the whole way back.

Here are some more pictures of our weekend:

Monday, May 12, 2008

head dance

Here is Ramona doing her famous head dance. This isn't the best shes done, only the one thats on camera.

Mothers Day

I had my first Mother's Day yesterday, and it was a great day. In the morning, Justin made me breakfast (with a little help from Ramona), while I slept in until 8:00! Then I went to my yoga class, which is my new favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings, while Justin lugged Ramona and Max to the market to get some pasta. After yoga we went to the M's game with my parents, Louis, and Mary Lee. We were worried that the game was going to be a blowout, since the M's haven't been doing too well lately, but it turned out to be a very exciting game. Ramona loved the crowd, and flirted endlessly with the family behind us. She was able to make it through the entire game, only getting a little fussy at the end. My favorite thing about the game was the Vietnamese sandwiches that my parents got from the I.D. Going to M's games and eating those sandwiches is becoming a real Mothers Day tradition.

Today I worked, and Ramona stayed with my parents. She had a great time playing the piano (she always looks for applause after she plays), and she thought that the mothers day card I gave my mom with a picture of the two of them in Hawaii was the best thing ever. My mom said she couldn't stop laughing at it.

Here is a picture of Ramona at the game:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby's first shorts

This weekend we went to the cabin, to the joy of Justin. Ramona thought it was ok there, though she wasn't sure why there had to be so much icky sand and horrifying water. We tried to get Ramona to touch some wet sand, but to her this was the worst of two worlds. However she did like watching Max tear around the beach like a rabid dog. Max loves running wild at the beach, and he even found an old friend, Bella, to play with. However, Max doesn't like water either, so when Bella would run into the water.......Max would watch from the sidelines. Why am I in a family of water haters?

I love this picture of Ramona in her shorts. I'm really looking forward to summer, when she gets to show off her fat rolls to everyone. Shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, and dresses. Fun! Best of all, I don't have to put a jacket, socks, hat and a blanket on her every time we leave the house. That is no fun for anyone.

We also went over to "Play Matters" a new inside play area opening up in Phinney Ridge. They had a free day on Saturday, so we went over there for a visit. It wasn't entirely age appropriate for Ramona, though she did love watching the other kids play. The owners are really nice, but I wasn't wowed by the facility, just seemed like a big playroom with lots of toys.

I went to work yesterday, and am going back on Thursday, so today I'm looking forward to just hanging out with Ramona and going to the gym. She did have fun at Grandma's yesterday though. She met Karen, my mom's friend from Hawaii......and the maker of the Olivia blanket.

Ok, off to the gym!