Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruby is five months!

I can't believe that Ruby is getting so big!  It feels like it is happening even faster this time.  Ruby and I spend some quality time together, and I hope to never forget it.  She is very smiley, so all you have to do is look at her and she'll smile.  She also laughs when you tickle her.  She has started jumping in the jumperoo (see above), and she likes being able to have a better view of the world in that thing.  When Max walks by her, she always cracks up laughing.  We also just started feeding her solid foods, because she is obsessed with food.  It is hard to eat near her, because she will pull your arm towards her mouth to try and hijack some of your food.  Luckily it hasn't worked, because her first food might have been flank steak. 

Her loves are:  Playing with her toes, food, when people blow on her belly, Max, her sister, and spitting up.

Her hates are:  The car, the loud screeching noises her sister sometimes makes and laying on her back