Sunday, September 28, 2008

Highlights from the week

1. At PEPS we took this cute picture of the kids in their pjs (minus Sofia)

2. Ramona finally took a bath that she enjoyed! In fact, she cried when we took her out.....amazing!

3. Ramona seems to be over her ear infection and has returned to her normal self.

4. We went to Anna's first birthday party where we ate m & ms with her face on them.

5. We visited the new and improved Garfield High for their re-grand opening. Ramona got to walk the halls of her mom's high school.

6. We babysat for Beatrice, Shannon and Robb's little one......and it went well. I also got to carry her around in a moby which made me very happy. I miss the moby.

7. The weather got cold enough so that Ramona got to wear this cool hat that Rolf Gruen made for her. She must have liked it too, because she didn't tear it off.

8. We got to eat Vietnamese food with Dana B.

9. Ramona is super-close to walking.

10. We got crayons that Ramona can use to color all over the bathtub, both Ramona and I enjoy them.

11. Justin got to have a daddy-daughter day on Friday while I was at some new teacher seminar. They had tons of fun, and helped clean up the house! YAY!

12. On the flip side, Ramona has been crying in bed for about 45 minutes because she doesn't want to go to bed, so I'm finally going to go rescue her. Have a good week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

a hot mess

A lot has happened since my last blog. Ramona had her first day of school, which was incredibly cute. There are so many cool thinks for Ramona to play with at school. She may have been the only kid who stayed focused on one thing for so long that her mom got bored. On the second day of class Ramona found coloring to be the best thing to do, she spent at least a half hour coloring. It was pretty cute, and I've saved her first marker drawing. I have pictures coming soon.

We also went to the Puyallup Fair with Esther and Sofia, which was an interesting experience. It was fun looking at the animals, but there wasn't too much stuff for the adults to do, so we just wandered around, ate, and enjoyed the sun. The kids got pretty wiped out though, as shown in the pictures.

We had a rough week this week. Ramona has been a little sick. Her nose was running and she was kind of grumpy. She also got all of us sick who she hung out with at the cabin last weekend (that would be Kim, Ben, Court, Charlie, Shannon, mom, and dad). Then she started getting a temperature, and sleeping more often. We just thought she was still pretty sick. Then, Friday night she had a few little bites of dad's peanut butter on toast. She has had peanut butter two times prior to this time, so we weren't worried. Plus, our doctor had said it was fine to give her peanut butter. Then, she rubbed peanut butter in her eye accidentally, and boom.......her whole face blew up. It was swollen (her eyes were almost shut), and she had red spots all over. So we went to the emergency room, where she was treated for an allergic reaction, and they also found out that she had an ear infection. Bummer. Justin and I find it odd that she is supposedly allergic to peanuts, since either of us have no allergies in our family, and she has had peanuts before (not to mention peanuts I ate while breastfeeding). So, we are going to an allergist this week, and we'll update you on her status.

Today we are going to our first Seahawks game ever. I get to sit in the box with Shannon, and Justin is sitting with Robb in their seats. Looking forward to it, and also looking forward to getting out of the house, because we haven't done too much of that in the last few days.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vacation and back to school

We went to Colorado for the weekend, and we had a great time. We stayed in Boulder and went to our friends' Nate and Katie's wedding. We met them in Amsterdam, so a lot of our Amsterdam friends were there to hang out with.

Ramona started really getting into picking her nose on this trip, as the pictures show. She doesn't seem to really get why she is doing it (she doesn't dig, just puts her finger up there).

Ramona really liked the hotel bed, she spent a lot of time on it. She also liked going on hikes with us North of Boulder. Some things she didn't like: Being babysat during the wedding, and the plane ride back from Boulder. During the plane ride Justin was quoted as saying "This is the worst moment we've ever had with her". Awesome. Next trip, she gets her own seat.

When we got back from Colorado school started, and I got to meet all of my little Kindergarten kiddies. It looks like its going to be a fun year! Ramona also went to a playgroup for her Co-op and met a bunch of her new friends. I'm looking forward to starting!