Tuesday, November 20, 2007


For the first year, I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not that I don't like Thanksgiving, but it just isn't my favorite holiday. I've never really liked Turkey, and watching football makes me feel lethargic.....so Halloween and Christmas were more my type of holidays. However, this year I'm really excited. Mostly I'm excited because family events take on a whole new meaning. Showing Ramona off to my relatives is just fun. Plus, I actually like my family, so seeing them is fun instead of horrifying. Nobody gets too drunk, nobody yells at each other (unless someone gets in my dad's way in the kitchen), and there isn't any weird tension. Grandma Fenton isn't going to be able to make it this year, because the trip from Bellingham might be too much for her, so I added a picture of her with Ramona in this post.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Halloween was such a fun day for Ramona (well, at least for Ramona's parents). I met up with Sabrina and Madeline and we took a million pictures of them (air freshener and pea in a pod), and then we headed down to Market street for Halloween madness. There were waves and waves of kids dressed up in creative costumes. My favorites were a homemade robot outfit, a homemade coke can outfit, and a spiky porcupine. Also, we met up with Jenny and Tom and their little Tinkerbell, Ainsley. We went trick or treating at the stores, even though none of our kids can eat candy yet. Then, Justin met up with us and we went to PEPS, which was awesome. The kids in our group were dressed up like Maggie Simpson, a lion, and two pumpkins. The pictures of them all together is hilarious.

Last weekend we went to the cabin with Eric, Sabrina and Madeline. It went smoothly, and all of my anxieties about forgetting to bring something that I couldn't get out there, didn't come to the surface. We found out during our stay that Ramona loves the play mat that Sabrina owns, so we're going to have to get one of those tacky bright mats to clutter our house with. Its worth the time its going to buy me to do the dishes, or dry my hair.

This week I started going to the gym, and Ramona started going to the childcare at the gym. I love the woman who runs the childcare, she has Ramona do tummy time, she talks to her a lot, and it seems like a very stimulating environment for her. Plus, mommy gets to work on getting rid of her huge gut! Yipee!!