Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy days

We have been having a blast staying inside and being cozy in our new house. However, today we ventured out and took a walk to the store. We went to Neptune Coffee and ran into our neighbors who we sat with and talked to. Then, we went to Top Ten Toys to buy some stickers for Ramona, because she is on a sticker kick. Then we went to Fred Meyer where we bought her some non-Mary Jane shoes. We wanted boots, but they were all out, so we settled for some tough looking boy shoes that were about ten dollars. She loves them. Then we went shopping at Greenwood Market, where Ramona pushed the little cart and was in general, a menace.

We met some other neighbors today too, as they are all out shoveling has been really nice to meet them. Most are families, or couples our age. We've also seen a lot of Courtney, Charlie, Shannon, Robb, Kim and Ben who have been walking over to our house (except for Ben, who is from the midwest and insists on driving places.....he is biking to the Seahawks game right now.....crazy).

Hope everybody is having their own fun in the snow......

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Megan said...

We are having those snowy days too. It's so beautiful! I was dreading the cold and the snow, but now that it's here I love it. (we'll see how long it lasts) j/k
My kids love the snow and I bet as Ramona gets older she will too!