Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ten of our favorite NYC/NJ memories:

1. Hanging out in the kitchen with Mat, Kris and Bernadette (and Cajun, of course!)
2. Hanging out in the park in Greenwich village. Ramona was a big fan of the slides in NYC.
3. Eating at Cafe Habana. Thanks for the suggestion Dana, the corn was fantastic.
4. Meeting up with Britton for lunch at Riverside Park. Nice work on the black and white cookie!
5. Eating at Belmont tavern. Thanks to Kristen's dad for the suggestion on where we could find real Jersey Italian food. That was real.
6. Watching "Planet Earth" on Mat and Kris' gigantic tv. Fantastic.
7. Seeing Katie again, and hearing about her interesting job.
8. Just walking around NYC for hours, while Ramona slept.
9. Coal oven pizza. Yum. Oh, and bagels, Kris' Fra Diavelo, Mat's stew, Tick Tock diner breakfast, pastries from Tick Tock diner, etc.......We may have gained some weight on this trip!
10. Surviving a trip with a toddler. We may be exhausted, but we survived.

Oh, and Justin wants to add that riding Mat's Solex was a highlight for him as well. Now he won't stop talking about getting one again. Damn you Mat.



Anonymous said...

What a great trip for the Fenton's
Glad that you are back in the city.
gm. fenton

Megan said...

What a fun trip, and it sounds like there was lots of yummy food. Ramona is getting so big.
The whole water in the face thing is hard to deal with isn't it! Kiley is still a little nervous, but atleast she's trying. It's all about baby steps, and total bribery!! hehehe Good luck with Ramona!! : )