Friday, April 2, 2010

Ramona in March

Ramona has been changing so fast lately.  She has gotten a little more devious, and even more stubborn (she is like her mom more and more each day!).  She loves to pretend......she makes us lots of pretend meals.  She also likes to cook with her dad, and makes us lots of real meals.  Last night she helped roll out the dough for pizza, and sprinkle the sauce, cheese and toppings on.  Justin is very patient!  She got her first big girl haircut the other day.  She thought it was a blast, because she got to get a tiny cupcake afterwards.  She suggested that we go get haircuts more often.  Though she seems to get more and more gregarious and talkative at home, she has had a shy streak lately when she is out and about.  She prefers to stand next to mom and Ruby when we are at the park instead of playing with friends.  This may be part of her transition to being a big sister.  She has been speaking a little spanish at home, due to her spanish preschool, and of course, Dora.  Looking forward to all of the new things to come with Ramona!

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Saskia said...

Such a shame you live so far away, would love to see those changes up close (and see more of er mum and dad!)