Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little miss 3rd birthday

We went camping at Mt. Rainier the weekend of Ramona's birthday, so we had a little party while we were there.  Courtney made Ramona a "chocolate, chocolate rainbow cake", as named by the birthday girl herself.  It was a pretty exciting to have such a beautiful and delicious cake to eat while camping, and she even got some great gifts from her friends.  We also had a family birthday party at my parents house, where we all indulged in another chocolate cake.  Ramona had asked for frogs, raisins and candy canes for her birthday, and she got two out of the three.  Thank you to Uncle Louis for the frogs (and thank god they aren't real!), and to my mom for the Costco size bag of raisins.  On Ramona's actual birthday Justin gave her a big girl bike that the neighbors gave us that he fixed up for her.  Then, Ramona and I went out to dinner at Bastille, which was fun.......if not a little challenging.  She ordered fries and olives, and then we went down the block for gelato. 

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Saskia said...

Fries and olives for dinner. I love Ramona's weird food choices.