Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre-Christmas hubub

Christmas time is really great with a three-year old around.  Ramona is obsessed with Santa, and is usually pretending she is Santa in between pretending she is a princess and a ballerina.  As you can see from the picture above, Ruby is willing to play along every once in awhile.  Our tree is up, and Ruby has yet to destroy it.  We even have presents underneath and they have managed to stay in tact so far. 

We also went on a "winter wonderland" trip to Winthrop for Kim's 30th birthday.  We managed to plan the trip for the weekend of the Pineapple Express, so we definitely had enough snow to play in.  Ramona loved being pulled in the sled, and Ruby seemed to hold in her hatred for snow just for the weekend so Kim could enjoy her weekend.  Ramona loved throwing snowballs, sledding into town, and also swimming in the pool/hot tub that was next door to our house.  We have more pictures to come, once we get them off the various cameras that were there.......

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