Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandma and Poppa

This was a busy weekend, so my parents helped out a lot with the kids.  They had a blast, and my mom always takes pictures of them, which is helpful, since sometimes I forget to capture these moments.  Ruby has started to say "poppa", which is exciting, since she still only likes to say a select few words.  When they have to leave, Ruby runs to the door, screaming (not really a confidence booster, but I'm glad that she likes spending so much time with them!). 

Also, the kids got to see their Grandma Fenton this weekend.  Justin drove the kids up to Bellingham, and they went to a St. Patricks Day parade together.  Ramona talked about all the candy she got to eat, and also the green balloons that she acquired.  I'll be billing grandma for the dental bill!

Yesterday Justin and I ran the St. Patricks Day Dash.  It was fun, but definitely rainy!  I think next year I'll run in the first wave, which is a little more competitive and a lot less crowded.  The wave we were in was crazy busy!  I get annoyed when people sign up for these races, in a timed wave, and then start walking five blocks into the race.  

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Anonymous said...

Ramona and Ruby got to have Teddy Bear pancakes at the Old Town Cafe. Butterfly t-shirts and green necklaces.