Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ruby is obsessed with the potty lately!  She has even peed in it a couple of times.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?  Well, for some reason, for a mom, it is.

Also, summer has begun!  Ramona did Zoo camp last week, and she loved it.  I was really pleased with the experience, even though Ramona refused to tell me anything they did.  The counselors were great, and Ramona had no problem adjusting to new people, and a new routine.  She also started swimming lessons, which will continue this week, which are going great.  These are her first lessons, and I think its better for Ramona to start lessons without her parents in the pool.  She loves her teacher (who is actually a younger sister of my brother's childhood friend), and seems to try anything the teacher asks of her.  Not so with mom and dad, of course.

We will be spending some time at the cabin next month, and I'm really excited for the girls to play in the sand, go out in the rowboat, and relax in the cabin.  Here's to summer!

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