Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weekend at the beach

We had a great weekend this last week. Justin came home early on Thursday, and we took off for the beach for a nice, long weekend. My parents met us there on Friday, and we were all entertained by Ramona and her antics.

She still hates water. She also hates sand, especially wet sand (worst of both worlds). She mainly wanted to spend her time inside, though she did have fun trying to escape out the door when someone left it open. Those antics made her laugh maniacally, which kind of made her escape a little less sneaky. We stayed there until Saturday, then left that night.

On Sunday we did our usual market walk, and then went to Wedgwood pool to meet our friends Justin, Amy and their daughter Lauren. Justin went to college with Amy, and now they live in N. California. Their daughter is literally two days older than Ramona. She must have been born on a day where they gave out "the love for water", because Lauren was quite the swimmer. Ramona on the other hand, looked frightened to even be near the water. She was much happier when we returned to the shade to play.

That afternoon we went to a BBQ sendoff for my brother at my parent's house. He is leaving for China for two months and should have some great adventures (he even gets to go to some Olympic events, jealous). After that we went to Sabrina and Eric's for Eric's birthday fondue party, yum. It was a full weekend, and we're looking forward to another one next weekend. See you then!

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Mommery said...

I love the picture of Ramona in a boat!