Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vacation and back to school

We went to Colorado for the weekend, and we had a great time. We stayed in Boulder and went to our friends' Nate and Katie's wedding. We met them in Amsterdam, so a lot of our Amsterdam friends were there to hang out with.

Ramona started really getting into picking her nose on this trip, as the pictures show. She doesn't seem to really get why she is doing it (she doesn't dig, just puts her finger up there).

Ramona really liked the hotel bed, she spent a lot of time on it. She also liked going on hikes with us North of Boulder. Some things she didn't like: Being babysat during the wedding, and the plane ride back from Boulder. During the plane ride Justin was quoted as saying "This is the worst moment we've ever had with her". Awesome. Next trip, she gets her own seat.

When we got back from Colorado school started, and I got to meet all of my little Kindergarten kiddies. It looks like its going to be a fun year! Ramona also went to a playgroup for her Co-op and met a bunch of her new friends. I'm looking forward to starting!


Megan said...

Hey Claire,
This is Megan (the crazy one you hung out with at Ally's wedding) Kristin gave me your blog address and told me to check out your cute girl! She is adorable. I have a blog too:
Take care and a late congratulations!!

Annie said...

the double nose picking pictures are awesome.
Love it.