Tuesday, February 24, 2009

odds and ends

Here are some odds and ends of the Fenton family as of late. First things first. Ramona is a shoe horse. She is obsessed with putting shoes on at all times. My shoes, her shoes, my mom's shoes, people who come over for dinner's shoes. It doesn't matter. And inevitably she will get pissed that the shoes aren't going on right, or they are too big to walk in and she will throw a huge shoe fit. It is ridiculous. Sure, I know what you're thinking right now. Claire, why don't you help your young child put the shoes on so she doesn't get frustrated. No, no, Ramona no longer takes adult's help. She seems to like the feeling of being frustrated, throwing herself on the ground, and shooting you looks that could kill. If you try to help.......the looks REALLY look like they could kill. It is an interesting process. I'm just worried that she is going to have an expensive shoe habit in the future.

My mom has been watching Ramona on Mondays at our house now.....so the next picture is of them doing finger puppets together. Cute! And look, there is enough sun coming into the house to make them......it is a miracle. Last week we had one of those February weeks where the sun comes out and teases us, making us say things like "well, summer is on its way", and "maybe I'll go put the jackets away". It tricks us every year, because Northwesterners are such a hopefull, naive bunch. This week, the rain is here......but its not snow, so I won't complain.

The last picture is from last weekend when my college friends from California came to visit. We had four people staying in the house, and amazingly it didn't seem that crowded. However, we did try to burn the house down for them (long story, really), just to give them a warm welcome (har har!). Those of you who are in the picture, I'm sorry it isn't the best of all of you, but it is my only evidence of your visit, so send me your pictures if you want a better one posted (hint, hint).

Ok, my Amazon fresh order just arrived.....yay! So, I must unpack.


Megan said...

How fun to get a visit from Kristin and Ally! hope you guys had fun, does Ramona like when people come to stay?

Rhubarb said...

She really seemed to enjoy entertaining the girls (and Gareth). She was "on" all weekend.