Sunday, March 1, 2009

winter crafts

It snowed again the other day. We're all kind of over snow here, definitely ready for spring. So, we decided to do some fun winter crafts. We made a little snowman, Ramona really likes him. He is now in our freezer, and we take a look at him every once in awhile. Ramona gets a little sad when I have to close the freezer door.....but it is for his own survival.

We also made a winter sun catcher, which was our friend Angela's idea. It wasn't quite cold enough for it to stay around long, but we all got to look at it, and take some pictures for the blog.

It has been warming up here, and we are all looking forward to summer activities. Going to the park, the zoo, swimming, and hiking. I'm currently on the hunt for some play equipment for the backyard. Come on sun!

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