Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zoo! Zoo! More!

Ramona loves the zoo. As you can tell from the pictures, sometimes Ramona isn't very good at showing she is having a good time. It was a cold day, and she was pretty unhappy, but she was NOT going to let us leave the zoo. Every time we would move on from an animal, she would say "more, more!!", and do the sign for more. If we even talked about going home, her scowl would get bigger. My mom took these excellent pictures of the animals, and Ramona also loves the pictures. She loves to say "jaguar" and "lion, roar". Her favorites are the gorillas, but they also scare her a little bit. I think that the way that they kind of interact with the humans freaks her out a little. This time, they were very playful. One of them was trying to get another to play with her, and she threw hay in the air, threw toys at the other gorilla, and finally pounded on the glass. That scared all of us, especially since my mom was trying to take a close up picture at the time. I also really love going to the zoo, and I can tell we will be going all the time this summer. Just let me know if you're going......chances are, we'll want to join you!

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Megan said...

Your zoo looks so fun, ours sucks. It hardly has any animals at all. Dang!! : )