Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big and little changes

Life is different around here with two kids. Ramona is having a little trouble adjusting, but is enjoying spending time with her dad. I spend most of my time breastfeeding or changing poopy diapers, but it is a glamorous life compared to being bossed around by a jealous and bossy 2-year old.

Ramona and Justin have been doing a lot of baking, home projects and playgroups. The only way to avoid major meltdowns is to keep her busy (the same usually goes for Justin!). I've been feeling a little better lately, and have been able to go on a short walk, and get out of the house a few times. We're planning on going on a short trick-or-treating trip this afternoon, and then go to some friends' house for dinner. I'm excited for my life to get a little more active now that I'm nearing the two-week recovery point. I'm less excited for the four week mark, which is when Justin goes back to work and I take on this crew on my own. Yikes!

1 comment:

Megan said...

Sounds like normal!
They are such cute little girls!!!
Glad your feeling better each day, and you'll do fine with the two of them once he goes back to work. It is crazy with two at first though isn't it!!