Saturday, October 3, 2009

Park and painting project

We went to Carkeek Park yesterday, where we played soccer, played on the playground, went on a little hike to collect leaves, and walked on the beach. It was the perfect morning to go to the park, because we basically had the whole park to ourselves, save a few other parents of toddlers. There were some better pictures of us hiking, but all of them included me huffing and puffing up the trail, and I just couldn't put those unflattering pictures up. I'll post another picture of pregnant me in a more flattering light soon. I only have 17 days to go until baby #2 is going to arrive, so I don't have TOO much time left.

The other pictures depict Ramona helping Justin out with his epic painting project. Even with Ramona's help, its a slow-going project. He has finally started painting, after months of scraping, sanding, and shingle replacing. Hopefully he finishes before the baby comes!

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Annie said...

wow, only 17 days? i'm excited to see new little squishy pics? Also, dana is a really great doula, just sayin:)
i love ramona's holland shirt!