Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great things that happened this year

Hopefully I won't be posting the "crappy things I did this year" blog after this one. Here is my list:

1. We had a baby. We like her.
2. Had a fantastic 2-year old birthday party for Ramona. Two. Woah.
3. Went on a rainy but fantastic group camping trip at Rainer. Pregnant. Next year will be better, but I loved starting the tradition.
4. Didn't gain as much weight this pregnancy. Fantastic.
5. Visited our friends in NYC. This was a tiring trip with an almost 2-year old. But it was great (I guess thats obvious, since its on my "great things I did this year" blog.)
6. We spent a week at the beach cabin, and it just happened to be the week of the heat wave. Ramona spent the whole week naked, though that might be because I forgot her suit.
7. I became a full-fledged stay at home mom. And I still haven't lost my mind.
8. Ramona started her spanish immersion preschool. I love that school. For many reasons.
9. A bunch of our friends got engaged, got married, and had babies. And we like all of them (the babies and the partners).
10. Justin did not lose his job.
11. I turned 30, and I'm still younger than my husband.
12. We went to Forks with a few friends and chased vampires. Ok, we didn't chase vampires, but Ramona did enjoy the beach, and walking through the Hoh Rainforest.

I know there must be more than expect that I will add things as my friends with better memories than mine remind me of other great things.

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