Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Claus is her hero

and sometimes you get nervous around your heroes. As demonstrated with our Santa picture this year. At least she wasn't screaming like last year. We also decorated the tree this weekend, and it is much more fun to do when your kids are old enough to enjoy it. Ramona was VERY excited, and helped us decorate. That is why, when you come see our tree, you will see many ornaments clumped together at the bottom.

We also put Ramona in her hula girl outfit that our friends brought back from Hawaii. She looked very cute and enjoyed running around the house in it.

The bottom picture is Ramona giving her friend Bea a hug. Bea had a screaming year with Santa, the picture is priceless. Sometimes I think those are the best pictures, because it really captures a time in their lives where sitting on a stranger's lap is scary to them. Maybe that isn't such bad intuition.

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