Sunday, April 24, 2011


We decided to tell Ramona about our Disneyland trip this morning when she got her Easter basket.  We The easter bunny got her some Disney themed items, so it seemed like a good time to tell her.  I videotaped her when we told her about the trip (we leave Tuesday), and her response was nothing like those responses on the Disneyland commercial.  She said "oh", and went back to her Easter eggs.  When I asked her why she wasn't more excited, she said "Its not THAT special".  Ok.  As the day went on though, she has been talking about it a lot.  Right now she is watching Snow White for the first time.

We had my family over for breakfast, and it was a nice, easy thing.  Only six of us, so the prep work wasn't too bad, and it was really pleasant.  There was Lillet, Easter egg hunts, chocolate, and a zucchini and ricotta galette.  My mom gave the girls some clothes for their Easter gifts, but Ramona was pretty disappointed that the gorgeous skirt my mom gave her wasn't a dress.  She is obsessed with dresses.  I've got to find some pictures of princesses in other things so that she wears the rest of her clothes.

Now, we are just getting ready for our trip.  I'm very excited for the weather!

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Saskia said...

Re that last comment: you better hide tv and papers on Fri/Sat. Heaven knows what dress she'd want if she saw the royal pics!