Saturday, October 20, 2007

hail new moms


I swear this will be the last new blog I start up. Sorry to anyone that enjoyed reading my PI blog, but obviously I had trouble keeping that one up. I think some of that was due to feeling pressure that people I don't know would be reading it (and possibly writing mean comments). So, I decided to start up a new blog aimed towards my friends and family and for recording Ramona's baby "steps".

On to today's blog. Yesterday I met a mom from my new PEPS group at Greenlake for a nice walk with the babies. Unfortunately, I should have paid a little more attention to the clouds since it started raining cats and dogs about halfway around the lake. There was also thunder and lightning, and then I started having horrible feelings that one of the trees around us was going to get struck by lightning. I had no idea I was going to be endangering my 8 week olds life when I walked out the door to go to Greenlake. Then, I heard a loud noise coming from the North......and all of a sudden it started hailing. This hail was like pebbles coming down on actually hurt. Luckily our babies were covered up, neither one of them woke up. Eventually we got to our car unscathed (except for red knuckles from the hail). Besides all of the obviously unpleasant weather, I had a great time with my new friend from PEPS, so we decided that we would try to do it again next week. I'm just going to do a better job checking the weather this time!

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