Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunny baby

Yesterday was such a marvelous, sunny day! I went to Green Lake with Dana (Ramona and Max as well!), and we had a really nice walk around the lake. We stopped at a Peet's for some coffee and a snack....as well as a snack for the little one. I also changed Ramona in the bathroom....which was my first public restroom diaper change. Big step. Then, we got a call from Dana's parents who were coming down to Green Lake as well. They hadn't met Ramona yet, so we met them at the other end of the lake. It was fun to see them, and have them meet Ramona. She even woke up for a few minutes to show off her eyes. THEN.....we got a call from my friend Sabrina who was also coming down to Green Lake for a walk. So, we met up with her (and Madeline), and continued our trek around the lake. By the end of the day we had spent four hours at the lake and walked around almost three times. It was the perfect adventure for a sunny day.

Today is looking fantastic as well, so I'm planning on walking around the lake with some girls from my PEPS group. I'm really looking forward to spending as much of today outside as possible. Ramona slept amazingly well last night in her own bed....and is not obsessed with her mobile in her crib. Mama and baby are feeling great this morning!

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