Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hangin' in her Crib

Big news! Ramona has made the big leap to her own bed, in her very own bedroom! We are all very excited about this development in the Fenton household. We started this new tradition on Friday night, because we thought we weren't going to get any sleep. However, last night we got more sleep than usual.

I can't believe she is already big enough to be in her own bed. It feels like just yesterday when we came home from the hospital. Now she is two months old, and she goes in for her first shots this week. She reacts to the games we play with her, and enjoys listening to us sing to her. In the morning I play with her and she smiles more and more. She will also "talk" with us now.....with little grunts, and coos.

Today we are watching the Husky game, and Ramona is sitting in her Husky sweat suit. She is a little crabby, probably because she knows that the Huskies will probably lose to Oregon to continue their losing streak. This season is not a good Husky fan start for her.....

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