Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Now that Ramona is five months, she is doing a lot of new things. We joked a lot in the first four months that she was most comfortable relaxing, and observing others. However, now she has started to get a move on. She has rolled over twice (from back to front), she likes to sit up while being propped (though I think she will be sitting up on her own soon), and she has eaten solids. Beyond those things, she just moves a lot. She waves her arms around, she kicks her toys, and she holds and shakes her toys. She still loves observing.....but sometimes she gets into the action now.

Eating solids has not been her favorite thing so far. As you can tell from her face above.....she it not too pleased about what we are putting in her mouth. We'll just keep trying......can't hurt. Its pretty exciting to see her sitting up in her high chair....she is so BIG!!

Also, we are starting to have lots of play dates, where the babies actually play with each other! Ramona and Maddie love to play together........Maddie thinks Ramona is hilarious, and Ramona is stumped by Maddie. There is a lot of grabbing......and it looks like we're going to have to introduce the term "gentle touching" to the two of them.

We are having such a good time. Ramona is really showing off her personality....she smiles all the time, and she is becoming very playful. She loves to jump around in her jumparoo, stand up and look out the window, and play with her toys (and occasionally hit herself in the head...oops!)

Looking forward to playing with Ramona in the sun.....we're going to Hawaii in March!

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