Monday, February 18, 2008


We got a valentine from our friend Chris Matz' little boy Dominic. The picture above is Ramona swooning over his valentine card. They are obviously valentines this year. Love was in the air. Dominic is going to visit in April, so they can meet for the first time. Speaking of babies, Andrea and Jason had their baby last Monday, Liam.......and I got to see him the day after he was born! I felt very lucky. He is darling, and Justin and I are going to try to arrange a visit this week.

Ramona is rolling over often now, which is great. She still only rolls over from her back to her front, and not vice versa. She gets really mad about getting stuck on her stomach, so I think she will figure it out eventually. She even did a big roll for the family at my great Uncle Dick's birthday party on Saturday. It was quite the production. She reveled in the clapping and cheering that she received.

Ramona taught herself a neat trick the other day. When I wave my finger in front of her lips, she sticks out her tongue, so I am playing with her tongue. So, she can now stick her tongue out on demand. She thought that was so fun that she started playing with her own is quite the game. I'll have to post a picture of her doing the "tongue game".

We are going to Hawaii soon! I am so excited.....we'll see how our first plane travel goes. I'm hoping it is smooth, because I can imagine how much I will be sweating if she screams throughout the trip! Those pictures will be posted when we get back (the fun beach pictures, not the screaming in the plane pictures!)

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