Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Choose your own adventure

Justin had a dad's weekend, while I went to Napa Valley with my friends. He went to the cabin with Shannon and Robb (and Rosie and Rebel), and had a great time with Ramona (and Max). Though I don't know too much about their trip, there are some cute pictures that I thought I should post.

I had an amazing weekend. I'd never been to Napa, and it was a beautiful place. I was also hanging out with my college girlfriends, and it was really fun to see them again. As far as leaving Ramona for four days, I seemed to do ok. I was really happy to see her when I got back, but it was nice to have a mommy break. We did a lot of wine tastings (Beringer, Cakebread, Frank Family, Sterling, Rombaur, V. Sattui, and two Champagne places that I can't remember the names of), we went to dinner at the Culinary Institute, and we hung out in San Francisco for a night. I didn't have my camera, but some of my friends are going to send me some, so I'll try to post one or two.

Being back home is refreshing, I got a two hour massage yesterday, and have otherwise just been hanging out with Ramona. She seems to be inching towards crawling. She realizes that she CAN move towards the toys she wants, she just hasn't figured out how. She can scoot backwards, turn in a circle, and can crawl with her legs (but hasn't figured out she has to use her arms too). She is getting more active, and I'm really excited what she'll choose to do when she can make her own decisions on where to go, and what to play with (my guess is she'll decide she wants to play with the cords).

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Sabrina said...

That picture of Justin and Ramona is so cute. She looks a lot like him in it!