Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making the most of it

Saturday morning Justin helped one of our PEPS friends move into their new house, along with some other PEPSters. While Justin sweated and grunted, me and Esther (Sofia's mom) hung out with the babies (Sofia, Ramona, and Grayson). It was fun to see them "play" together, hopefully they end up being friends when they can actually choose their own friends. Now they just have to play with the babies whose parents we like. After that Justin and I had lunch at Jenny and Brian's house (Grayson's parents), and ate food from the Lunchbox Laboratory......which was both tasty and a little too filling. It was fun to eat in the sun and relax though. Summer feels like it is actually here (finally).

That night Mary Lee came over and babysat for Ramona and Justin and I went to Dave Hammer's wedding. It was at the Shilshole Beach it wasn't too much of a drive. It was a great night, with great weather.....and free food!

This morning we went on Ramona's first hike. We chose a short 3 mile hike....since we didn't know if Ramona was into hiking. It turned out she was, because she wouldn't take a nap, she didn't want to miss the fun.....though she seemed to be in good spirits. Max was the happiest in the bunch, he loves hikes more than the average bear. We went with Sabrina, Eric and Maddie, and Courtney. I think there are some good "in front of waterfalls" photos, so I'll post those soon.

Of course, after the hike we had to go to the farmer's market........we can't ever miss that! Now we are getting ready to go eat wings at my dad's house. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. yummmmm.

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