Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ONE rainy day

Ramona turned one on Sunday! I can't believe it. Our one and only gift to her was that we turned her carseat around so that she actually got to look out the window during car rides. She also seems to get jollies from looking at the back of our heads. Maybe she feels she is being sneaky.

At noon we had a birthday party for her at Woodland Park. Unfortunately, at about 12:15.....it started POURING rain. All of our guests rallied, and we moved everything to the covered area.....and the party was saved. We might have had 60 people crammed under a small shelter, but we partied nevertheless.

Courtney had two wonderful contributions to the party. #1 were the amazingly hilarious buttons she made with her boyfriend to honor Ramona. Everyone at the party got a button with her face on it, with appropriate and some not so appropriate tag lines. #2 She also made Ramona's cake, which was the cutest thing ever. Ramona wasn't so sure about digging in to her own cake, so I had to cut a slice for her.....she is much more dignified than I would have been.

We had a great time, and we appreciate all of our friends who came, and enjoyed themselves......even if they did it in the rain. It was so good to see everyone and to see all the kids together.

We are now enjoying some of the marvelous gifts we got from friends and family.....I have to say having new toys is as much of a thrill to me as it is to her. She is playing with new instruments, reading new books (yes, of course she can read!), snuggling with new stuffed creatures, doing new puzzles, and wearing new clothes. What a lucky, lucky girl.

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Christina said...

Yay Ramona! Brian and I love you in the cutest green dress ever!

Happy first birthday from Maddie's friends Christina and Brian!