Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ramona started school last week! We love her school, it is a Spanish speaking school that she has taken classes at before, but now she is doing drop-off preschool for 3.5 hours, two days a week. Ramona has had a hard time adjusting, which has been a little tough for all of us, however things are going a little smoother. She cries when I drop her off, and apparently doesn't like to play outside, so she cries then as well. She is the youngest kid in the class, so I think she is just having a harder time than the rest of the kids. She loves school though, and she talks about it all the time. Her teachers are Angelica and Daniela, and they are the most wonderful, patient, energetic teachers. These are some of the pictures that they took during school.This is a picture of Ramona watching her friend Hadden paint. Ramona knew Hadden before she started school, so I think it helps to have him there!There's Ramona, standing up!

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