Sunday, January 16, 2011

random updates

Here are some pictures of the end of our Christmas/New Years break.  Justin took a week off from work, so we had a lot of family time.  We went on the carousel downtown, we went to the zoo, we went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge to the kid's museum, it was a lot of fun.  I know I'm a little late to write about it, but ever since then we've been watching a ton of sports (Seahawks, Husky basketball, and now tennis).  I'd show you pictures, but I'm pretty sure you can imagine how our family looks sitting in the basement staring at the tv.  So, instead of doing that, I'll give you some updates on the kids:

-Ruby is walking, solidly.  Well, solidly might be stretching it since she has had a bloody lip, black eye and bruised forehead in the last week.  But, she walks everywhere with a big smile on her face, and its too cute.
-Ramona has been singing a lot of Spanish songs around the house, which sound wonderful.  She hasn't been very open about sharing how much Spanish she has learned, so its great to hear her sing.
-Ruby likes to sit in chairs.  Sounds funny, but she REALLY likes it.  She really just wants to get up and down onto chairs all day.  Whatever works.
-Ruby also likes to read in bed.  Just like mom.
-Ramona is hard to take shopping right now.  Unless you like people judging you for your bossy, screaming, manipulative child.
-Ramona is also very in to numbers and letters.  She can tell you the number of any bus that drives by, and she learned how to write her name, and any other word if you spell it to her.
-Ramona basically lives in a pretend world.  She has a wild imagination that takes her to many different worlds.  Really interesting to listen to her.
-Ruby has a mullet.  Just have to get through it and grow her hair out.

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Saskia said...

Can't wait to meet the little walker in four months time!