Friday, January 28, 2011

Ten things that are going on with the Fentons.

1.  I've been running a lot, and really enjoying it.  I run with Sabrina and Kim every weekend, and am signed up for two half-marathons.  I'm hoping to sign up for the Chicago Marathon, but we'll see.  Looking at the training plan is very intimidating, but also exciting.
2.  We are planning a trip to Yosemite in May.  We are making it a road trip, which is also intimidating with two kids under 4.  However, I'm really excited to show the kids the park, and also experience it for myself for the first time.  It'll be like Oprah and Gayle's road trip, but with more apple juice and poopy diapers.
3.  Ramona has been wearing underwear during naptime!  Maybe thats too much information, but its very exciting for us!
4.  I just signed Ramona up for her first ballet class.  She will be so into it, ballet is one of the only things she talks about these days.  I guess I didn't learn much from Black Swan.

5.  I'm going to try to blog more.  Some entries might not have pictures, because sometimes thats what stops me from blogging more.  But I'm putting it on blast right now, so if I don't write more.....give me a hard time!
6.  I've also been reading a lot more lately.  Some books I would suggest are:  Room, Just Kids, Born To Run, and Half Broke Horses.  All were amazing!  Born to Run sticks in my heart and head the most, even though they were all fantastic.  It is about running, but its also about so much more, I'd suggest it for runners and non-runners alike.
7.  The whole family is hooked on Yo Gabba Gabba, which is a kids show on Nickelodeon.  I am seriously thinking about getting the girls some Yo Gabba Gabba Vans.  My favorite character is Foofa, in case you're wondering.
8.  On that note, we are working on going on more date nights, since we obviously need to get out.
9.  Ruby got her molars.  Thank god thats over.
10.  Tonight we are going to our second UW gymnastics meet.  For you guys with kids in Seattle, its a really fun, kid-friendly event.  I got a free t-shirt last time!  Ramona loved seeing the gymnasts, and you can sit right up front for a good view, because its not too crowded.

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