Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 things, no pictures

Ok, sorry about the lack of pictures.  I suppose I could attach some pictures from Google Images of other people's kids, but that seems creepy.  So, here are ten new things about the family:

1.  Ruby fell yesterday and hit her head on the corner of a pew (no, we weren't at church, just a bookstore with a randomly placed pew).  She has a bruise/small cut on her forehead, but no blood and no gigantic bump, so it was a win!  Makes her look tough.

2.  Ruby had all of her little friends over this morning, and we all played in the basement together.  Some of her friends are talking up a storm, and its cute to hear their little voices. 

3.  This last weekend Grandma Fenton came to visit, and so Justin and I went out to dinner for date night.  We went to Elemental Next Door (Elemental's wine bar), and it was awesome.  Justin wouldn't stop talking about it, he liked it so much.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the glass of champagne they hand you when you walk in the door.  After dinner we went to a piano concert of my parents' friend.  It felt very grown up.

4.  Ramona doesn't seem to nap anymore.  It makes me seriously sad.

5.  I've really been enjoying running with Sabrina and Kim.  We are going on a five mile run tonight, which will be our first weekday run together.  Now that the days are getting longer, we can actually go on runs outside during the week!

6.  Ruby has been changing.  She hates the car, and she gets fussy about a lot of things.  She has a lot of things to say, but she can't really talk, so I think its frustrating for her.  Guess I should have worked harder on teaching her sign language.

7.  I'm annoyed that I have to use my weekly babysitting for my PT appointments for my hip (piriformis syndrome).  I was really enjoying using it for workouts or pedicures.  Oh well, if it works, I won't be complaining!

8.  Ramona starts ballet next week, and my mom made her some leg warmers so she'll look like a pro!

9.  Justin is building a fence in the backyard with Charlie, to separate the "dog" area from the "people" area.  Hopefully that will cut down on the kids stepping in dog poop incidents. 

10.  We have three kids birthday parties to go to this weekend.  Phew.

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