Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Marathon

I'm officially running the Chicago Marathon, October 9th, 2011.  Sabrina and I registered last night, and the feelings I've had since then have been all over the map.  I'm totally frightened, however also so excited that I could barely fall asleep last night.  Our friend Jenny, who is a marathoner extraordinaire, is going to be running the race too.  It will be nice having someone help us rookies out, however we are definitely not going to be running WITH her.  She'll probably finish hours before us!  Sabrina and I are also running a half-marathon in Portland in April, and also the Rock and Roll half marathon in June.  So, hopefully our bodies won't be broken by October.  This will be quite a year.


Lucille29 said...

wow both of you are so cute..
i like you blogs..

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JenA said...

That is awesome! I'm totally jealous, you guy's will be my motivation. You are going to do great!

Lucyeats said...

Wow, good job guys! It's great to have a goal to work towards and you can all keep each other motivated!


keyalus said...

Good luck! I'm still waiting to get (and totally scared of) that feeling that will signal it is time to try a full marathon again.