Saturday, March 15, 2008

getting agile

Wow, sometimes I think that Ramona was just laying there thinking about rolling, sitting, and doing all sorts of moving. But, she waited...........watched all of her friends do it first. I suppose she was picking up hints on how to do it right. Maybe she will be like my brother, the five year old that watched World Cup matches over and over to learn the moves of the great soccer players, so that he could do them during his games (of course, they were probably five year old versions of the slide kick and banana kick). Ramona has now learned to sit up. And she can do it all the time. She was sitting on Justin's lap, and then we noticed she was sitting up with no help. Then we put her down on the couch, and she did it again. Now, as long as there is something interesting in front of her, she will sit up unaided. So, after three weeks of crazy advancements, she is now caught up with all of her peers.

She has been kind of moody lately......I say moody, because one minute she is screaming with laughter, and the next she is super irritated (and she does the Ramona moan). We think this is because she is teething, so I guess we better buckle down for a long period of moaning. Her first tooth has yet to come through, but it should be only a matter of time.

This weekend we are putting her new car seat in the car. Its a "big kids" car seat, which means no more carrying her around in the infant seat. This is a positive and a negative. Positive: I won't kill myself by hauling around thirty pounds worth of baby + seat, negative: If Ramona is sleeping, I'll probably wake her up by picking her up out of the seat. The seat has a wonderfully tacky cow print that Justin despises, and for some reason (even with my disgust of animal prints), I love!

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