Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ramona seems to have found her calling. Sitting is a great fit for her. She doesn't have to move to be able to see the dog, she doesn't need her arms at all, and she can kick the toys in front of her for fun. I think she will be content to sit around for awhile (I wonder where she inherited that?).

She does seem to be coming down with a little stranger anxiety lately. She didn't do well when we went out to dinner, and left her with some friends from PEPS. She apparently cried for a good hour or so, and now I'm sure my PEPS group isn't interested in watching her in the near future. So, maybe our date nights will become a little rarer now. Luckily, Ramona does really well with my mom, because she watches Ramona when I go to we still have her.

We removed our coffee table, and bought a new rug, so we have a nice place for Ramona to play right in front of the couch. She likes to sit on the rug and play with that toy pictured above, and her stacking cups all on her own. She also likes sitting there and waiting for Max to walk by so she can laugh maniacally. It is even better when Max decides to stop to lick her face.....that gets the big laughs. They are quite close, those two.

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