Wednesday, March 12, 2008

hula girl

What a trip! We just got back from Kauai, and it was an amazing trip. We went with my parents, so there were plenty of people to dote on Ramona. I think she liked the attention. Justin and I were able to do a few hikes (Na Pali Coast, and Sleeping Giant), I went kayaking with my mom (Hanalei River), and we all hit quite a few beaches. Of course we were sitting in the shade so that Ramona's beautiful baby skin was not harmed, but that was actually quite civilized. I used to sit in the sun too long, and would have to nap through the rest of the day because of it. Not to say that there weren't quite a few naps on this trip. I think my dad napped as often as Ramona.

Ramona had a few baby breakthroughs on the trip. She started teething, so she wants to bite on everything. She also chews on nothing all the time....just constantly chewing air. The drool is massive, though I never made her wear one of those bibs, I feel like even a teething baby needs to keep her pride. She also said her first word!!! Of course it was "dada", and not "mama", but I expected that. It was cute, the first time she said it, we were laying in bed in the morning, and she was looking at Justin, and just started chanting "dadadadadadadadada", it was quite the moment. She also started really loving food on this trip. She would really get excited when it was time to eat solids, we introduced her to pears and papayas in Hawaii. She loved both, but I think we are going to hold off on the papaya from now on, since it made her poo about eight times the next day. No thanks. She would also reach for our food when we went out to dinner. She actually banged her mouth on the table, trying to eat my dad's food.

In general she showed that she is getting more active on this trip. As many of you know, Ramona hasn't been "in" to moving as much as other babies. Now, she is moving around quite a bit, eating her feet, rolling over, and reaching for stuff (though half the time she is "reaching" with her mouth).

The plane rides went wonderfully. I couldn't have asked for them to go more smoothly. She slept through most of the trips, and when she was awake, she was charming other passengers. Though we did learn that traveling with a two year looks more than we could handle. Good thing we went on this trip when she is so easy to travel with. We got her a seat, and that was the best decision we made. She slept in her car seat most of the time, and so on the redeye on the way home, Justin and I were able to sleep through the entire flight! I feel very lucky.

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