Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adventures of a 7 month old

Well, this week we are getting used to a new furniture "situation" in our front room. We decided in the "baby proofing" vein, we would remove our coffee table, and move it to the shed. We also bought a cute little rug to put in front of the couch, for baby playtime. We also removed a bookshelf, moved the tv, and bought a toy box/bench for Ramona's large collection of blankets. So far, we love it. There is more room to move around, and there are more places to play with Ramona. All in all, baby proofing has benefited our lifestyle.

We have had a few adventures this week. Yesterday we went to Woodinville with Sabrina and Madeline. I know, I know, why would we go all the way out there, unless we were going wine tasting. Well, there is a coffee shop out there that is dedicated solely to moms (and dads), and the little ones. It was really cool, when the kids get older there is a HUGE playroom for them to bounce around in. For now, Ramona and Madeline just jumparooed, and played with some of the baby toys. Then, we continued our Woodinville adventure by going to the Hanna Anderson outlet. I got Ramona her first pair of sunglasses (to Justin's chagrin), some tights, and a cute, colorful summer outfit.

Then, today we went to West Seattle with Sabrina, Madeline, and our friend Kim. We call these "neighborhood adventures" and they are a really fun thing to do as a stay at home mom. We went to coffee/lunch at Bakery Nouveau, which was unbelievably tasty. It seems to be the only feasible rival to Cafe Besalu in the city. We also went to some cute baby stores, and can you believe it, I didn't buy a thing.

Also, here is a connection to Sabrina's blog, with a video of Ramona and Madeline playing, thanks to some amazing cinematography by moi:

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