Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby's first shorts

This weekend we went to the cabin, to the joy of Justin. Ramona thought it was ok there, though she wasn't sure why there had to be so much icky sand and horrifying water. We tried to get Ramona to touch some wet sand, but to her this was the worst of two worlds. However she did like watching Max tear around the beach like a rabid dog. Max loves running wild at the beach, and he even found an old friend, Bella, to play with. However, Max doesn't like water either, so when Bella would run into the water.......Max would watch from the sidelines. Why am I in a family of water haters?

I love this picture of Ramona in her shorts. I'm really looking forward to summer, when she gets to show off her fat rolls to everyone. Shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, and dresses. Fun! Best of all, I don't have to put a jacket, socks, hat and a blanket on her every time we leave the house. That is no fun for anyone.

We also went over to "Play Matters" a new inside play area opening up in Phinney Ridge. They had a free day on Saturday, so we went over there for a visit. It wasn't entirely age appropriate for Ramona, though she did love watching the other kids play. The owners are really nice, but I wasn't wowed by the facility, just seemed like a big playroom with lots of toys.

I went to work yesterday, and am going back on Thursday, so today I'm looking forward to just hanging out with Ramona and going to the gym. She did have fun at Grandma's yesterday though. She met Karen, my mom's friend from Hawaii......and the maker of the Olivia blanket.

Ok, off to the gym!

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