Tuesday, May 20, 2008

baby parade

This weekend was so great......we really enjoyed the sun! This picture is from our picnic at the Olympic Sculpture Park that we went to with Courtney. It was so nice. We walked through the park, and settled on a spot right near the water. John in the morning (KEXP), and his family apparently had the same idea.....because they were hanging out right next to us.

That afternoon we went to the Norwegian Constitution Parade in the boiling hot weather. It was Ramona's first parade. She wasn't all that into it, but she did like the marching bands because she got to wiggle and shake her head to the beat. Everyone looked so hot in their Norwegian wear (and I don't mean attractive/hot, I mean boiling hot!)

We went to Bellingham the next day to visit Mary Pearl, Ramona's great grandma. Ramona was in high spirits and entertained the masses. It worked out well, since she slept the whole way there, and slept the whole way back.

Here are some more pictures of our weekend:

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Sabrina said...

The top picture is amazing! It looks like Ramona really enjoyed her first hot summer day!