Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tank top toughness

This last weekend was really fun. We got to put some summer clothes on Ramona for the first time since Hawaii. Its so nice not to have to bundle up Ramona before walking a block to the store. It really made me look forward to the summer, and all of the outdoor activities we have to look forward to.

We went to Discovery Park on Saturday, and quickly "discovered" that Ramona hates the hiking backpack. However, Justin and I have dreams of hiking with her in that thing, so we will persist. We had to take turns carrying her in our arms on the little hike, which made it a little bit more strenuous. However it was still a beautiful day to be at the park, and we had a nice picnic at a viewpoint, which we all enjoyed.

We've had a few friends welcome new babies this week. Our friends Justin and Kelly had little baby Chloe Anne about a week ago, and Jenny and Tom had Myla Estella on Thursday. We got the chance to meet both babies, and they are both beautiful! We even got to meet Myla a few hours after she was born.....thats what you get when you live only blocks away from the hospital!

Ok, Ramona needs a nap........

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