Monday, April 21, 2008

hot and bothered

Ouch! Ramona is recovering from ear infections in both ears. Before she went on antibiotics, she was miserable. High fever, sleeping all was no fun for momma or baby. Now she is back to her regular self, sitting up and playing, repeating dada over and over again. This weekend we tried to get out and about, even though the weather was terrible. On Saturday we did the Greenwood garage sale day, even though it was snowing. We did find some good things for Ramona though. We found three pairs of fashionable baby shoes, some books, and some new toys. I also got some yarn that I am using to make a baby tank top.

Yesterday we tried to go to the market, but were once again faced with some snow. So, we ended up eating pho for the third time this week. Turns out, Ramona hearts tofu. She ate tofu twice this weekend, and seems to love it. In the afternoon when the sun came out, we went on a walk with the Howells. That night we went over to my parents house for my grandma's birthday. Ramona was quite the hit, and she scarfed some plain rice down.......yum yum.

Ok, Ramona is up, and trying to "help" me I gotta go!

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