Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sunny babies

Well, we had a great sunny day on Saturday. I went to Queen Mary's for a tea for Jenny who is expecting any day now, while Justin and "the guys" hung out with the babies and Jenny and Tom's house. "The guys" included Tom (and Ainsley), Jason (and Liam), and Chris (and Shirley with Dominic). Chris and Shirley were visiting from Northern California where they currently live. However, they are moving soon to Southern Washington, so we will get to hang out with them more often coming up. We have a picture of Dominic with Ramona, but it isn't from my camera, and it didn't seem to want to post on this website, but here is a link to our Flickr account where we have posted the picture: http://flickr.com/photos/fenthorn/

After tea, I went back to Jenny and Tom's, and we hung out outside in the sun and had a relaxing afternoon. Jenny if officially on bed rest, so it was nice to relax with her. After that, we went on a "Ballard walk", which is our all-time favorite thing to do. We invited some of our friends over for a BBQ that night.......it made me really wish for summer, I heart BBQs! The picture above is of Sabrina and I feeding the babies outside, it was really relaxing (except for the fact that feeding Madeline without a seatbelt seems to be next to impossible.) After the BBQ, most of us went together to the Artwalk, where we kept Ramona out until 9:30! She enjoyed the artwalk, until she fell asleep around 9......it was a big day for her!

Since that day, life has been slightly more gloomy. Ramona's cold has gotten a little worse, and she had a temperature last night. She is SUPER grumpy, which is kind of hard for me, since I dealt with Justin's grumpiness when he was sick. Now, I just wish someone would take care of me! Also, the weather is less than perfect, we are just waiting (as is everyone in Seattle) for the weather to get better. Looking forward to swimming, hiking, more BBQs, and more baby dresses!

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