Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ramona has been showing off her attitude lately, which is a relief.....because now I know she is related to me. She has been taking a lot of joy in doing things she isn't supposed to do. Her favorites are crawling up the stairs, playing with the tv, biting, taking off her shoes, and the list goes on. She'll do something, then look at me and laugh with a very mischievous look on her face. Its funny sometimes, and other times.....not so funny.

This picture is of Ramona while she brushes her teeth....she is a huge fan of the toothbrush. Of course I only get about 2 seconds of brushing her teeth before she grabs it out of my hands and wants to do it herself. She is really becoming independent.

We got Ramona some plastic food toys over the weekend at a garage sale, and she loves them. She pretends to eat the food, and drink out of the teacups. Its fun to watch her pretend to be an adult. She loves to pretend to use my phone and call people. If any of you get a random phone call from me, with a baby babbling on the other end.....its Ramona. She just loves to chat.

Bathtime is going really great lately. She loves to play in the water now, its like a complete 180 on her opinion on water. She now crawls over to the bath and cries, because she wants me to give her a bath. She also always has raisin fingers because she likes to stay and play in the bath for so long, and she always cries when I take her out.

We had Co-op today, and Ramona has been having a great time there. Today she painted, colored with crayons, climbed up stairs and chairs (her favorite activity), played in the sand table, and sang some songs. She loves playing, but music time is a little hard for her because she is always exhausted by that time. She usually spends most of the time crying, waving bye bye, and trying to crawl for the door.

We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so I'll have pictures from there soon!

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Megan said...

Don't you love when they stop being sweet babies and start being independent toddlers! Have fun!!! : )