Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our little bossy peanut

We tried on Ramona's costume the other day, just for kicks.....and it was pretty hilarious. At first she was pretty irritated, but after awhile she seemed to forget that she had a big foam peanut costume on. I'm really looking forward to Halloween.

We had a fun weekend, we got to go to Beatrice's baptism. She looked so beautiful in the baptism dress, Robb and Robb's mom had worn it before she had, so it was a very important dress. After the baptism we went to Tilth for brunch, which was frickin' awesome. I had sous vide eggs and grits.....it was so good. Then we went to a John Burbank BBQ, where Ramona almost stole the spotlight from John. She had a lot of fun entertaining the masses. Then we had dinner at our house with Kim, Ben, Court, and Charlie. This is when Ramona wore the peanut costume, which pleased our dinner guests.

On Sunday we went up to Bellingham to visit Mary Lee and Grandma Fenton. We went up a little early and visited a park that Justin went to a lot when he was growing up. It was called Hoevander park, and it used to be a farm. There were peacocks, turkeys, chickens, and other small animals. Then we went to lunch at the Bagelry.....yum. Mary Lee and Mary Pearl were doing good, Mary Pearl painted a pumpkin for Ramona. We forgot the camera, which was too bad......but we'll get pictures next time.

Last night I watched Ramona and Grayson, while the dads went to the Co-op meeting. They play really well together, and were so cute. Here is a picture of Ramona "feeding" Grayson his water. Grayson looks like an unwilling participant.


Megan said...

OK that peanut costume is the FUNNIEST thing I jave ver seen! CUTE

Megan said...

oops..have ever seen! (sorry)