Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with the Mapps. We've decided this is going to be an annual tradition. Both years we've gone it has been wonderful, sunny fall weather. Here is a picture of us last year.....Ramona was so little. I remember being worried that she was getting too much sun.

This year Beatrice, Robb and Shannon's baby was about the age that Ramona was last year. It was cute to see her out with the pumpkins. Ramona wasn't so sure about the pumpkins this year. She kept calling them balls, and wouldn't really smile at all for the pictures. Also, I put her hair in pigtails in the morning, but of course she kept pulling them out. That would have been fine, except for the pigtails were put in when her hair was it left her hair straight.....and in mean mullet form. The pictures of the back of her head are pretty brutal.

We rode on a wagon back from the patch, and Ramona loved looking out the side. We saw horses, and those made her pretty happy. It was really fun to go to the pumpkin patch this year....since she actually knows whats going on around her. Her skepticism of the pumpkins didn't make it THAT fun for her, but I'm sure she will trust the pumpkins next year.

I also got some pictures of Ramona loving the bath. It is so fun to have her enjoying water now. She crawls up to the bath and tries to climb in it on her own now. She had two baths we could wash that mullet out of her hair.

Here is also pictures of Ramona and Maddie at Kim and Ben's housewarming party. We had a fun-filled weekend, and we are all pretty bummed to have it come to an end.

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Megan said...

Looks fun. You gotta love when your little girl won't let you do her hair...that's what makes having a girl so fun. : )